special sausages
special sausages


Sausage Provisions

The Old World expertise can be found in every bite of Patak sausages or smoked meats. They are lovingly crafted from authentic European recipes brought personally to the U.S. by the Patak’s themselves. They have a state-of-the-art facility, use genuine hickory wood chips in their smoking, and personally oversee the production of more than 70 European style meats and sausages. If you have a unique product in mind, or your own family recipe, the Patak family will be happy to create your specialty in their kitchens. 

Patak Sausages


Hot Italian Bulk

Polish Kielbasa

Bratwurst Ckd

Patak Hot Italian Link


Bratwurst Raw

Mild Italian Bulk


Italian Sausage

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Nueske Hillcrest Farms

Unburied, the smoke lingers and the flavor deepens. Nueske’s time and patience yields a rich flavor delighting the palates of the most discriminating culinary experts. Only the leanest meats are selected and water is never added. Nueske Hillcrest Farm Meats live up to their world renown reputation every time. The unsurpassed quality and remarkable consistency of these award winning products are the result of generation tested methods by the Nueske family.

Canadian Bacon

2 8/10# Slab Bacon

Unsliced Apple Bacon

Sliced Canadian Bacon

Bnls Smk Ham

Bacon Ends

Sliced Bacon

1/2 Spiral Ham