lamb meat
lamb meat


Our Lamb Products

A fantastic nuance on the most sophisticated menu, import or domestic. Buckhead Beef® sources only the freshest domestic western range lamb available in the United States. Heavy loins and racks are our specialty. Let us help you satisfy the most demanding clientele.

Our supplier partnerships and confidence in the product provide a cutting edge for our customer. In the food service sector, our commitment to providing “center of the plate protein” products has resulted in a stellar reputation for quality and taste. Stringent controls and standards make it simple for chefs to accurately predict food costs, and our processing expertise ensures many of our products are virtually oven-ready when they arrive in the kitchen. With a range of custom cuts-from frenched rack to boneless legs-we satisfy a wide variety of menu requirements and cooking styles, from simple to sophisticated.

Whole Lamb


Top Round

8 Rib Rack


Chop Ready 1x1


Trimmed Loin

Loin Chop Close Trim

S/C Rack

Block Ready Loin

Loin Chop E/E 1" Tail

California Clean Rack

Leg Trotter Off

Boneless Loin Eye

Shoulder BRT


Osso Bucco