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Our Beef Products
Buckhead Beef®ís coolers contain multiple beef grade and brand opportunities ensuring the appropriate product mix for any menu. We are honored to have ranked the CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF® programís highest honor of #1 for the previous nine years. Buckhead Beef® also carries one of the largest inventories of aged, USDA Prime beef available in subprimal and portion control form.

Boneless Chuck Shortloin 2x3 , 0x1
Chuck Roll Bl Striploin
Chuck Tender Striploin 2x3, 1x1, 0x1
Neck of Chuck Roll Top Sirloin
Clod Top Sirloin 2pc.
Clod Heart PSMO Tenderloin
Brisket Butt Tenderloin
Ground Chuck Fine/Course Flap Meat
109 Rib Flank Steak
Export Rib Ball Tip
Lipon Ribeye Tri Tip
Rib Lifter Meat/Special Top Round Cap Off
Inside Skirt Top Round DND Cap Off
Outside Skirt Flat Round
Steamship Round Eye Round
Bnls Round
Top Round
Pure Ribeye Whole Nude Tender
Delmonico Ribeye C/C Barrel Filet
Bone In Cowboy Ribeye Nude E/E Filet
Split Bone Ribeye E/E CONSO Filet
Outside Skirt Bone In Tenderloin
K-Style Short Ribs Close Trim Filet
Chinese Cut Short Rib METRO Filet
T-Bone Steak Chateau Briand
Porterhouse Tenderloin Medallion
No Vein Porterhouse Tender Tips/Tails
KC Strip Clipped Tail Tender
Beef for Stew Brochette
Texas Tails Hanging Tender
Tenderloin Whole Nude Flat Iron
C/C Striploin Steak Baseball Top Sirloin
C/C Strip Back Strap Off Top Butt Heart Muscle
E/E Striploin Steak Coulotte
1x1 Striploin Steak Ready Sirloin on Bias
London Broil Bistro Medallion
C/C Top Sirloin Butt Pub Steak
Kobe Beef
You have probably heard of the $50 hamburger and stories of the exquisite palatability of Japanese Kobe beef. Buckhead Beef® is proud to distribute the nationís most reputable American Kobe Beef producer; Snake River Farms. During the 2nd century A.D., a legendary breed of cattle, Wagyu, were brought from their home on the Asian mainland to a new life in Japan. The breed was refined in the Kobe region of Japan over hundreds of generations and has become famous around the world for its intense flavor and supreme tenderness. This ancient breed from Japan is the foundation for the elite quality of Snake River Farms American Kobe beef. In Japan, wagyu cattle are often crossed with dairy cattle, Snake River Farms crosses its premier Wagyu cattle with premium American Black Angus to create American Kobe beef, The Butter Knife Beef.

Snake River Farms
Lip-on Ribeye
Flat Iron
Cap Off Sirloin
Cap On Top Round
8oz./10oz. Patties
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